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Amusement Area Proposed

On World's Fair Gayway Site
Seattle World Center Urged
The Seattle Daily Times - October 30, 1962

A Seattle Center amusement area on the World's Fair Gayway site was proposed today. Seattle World Center, Inc., the new nonprofit corporation formed to promote Seattle Center use, offered to submit a plan.

The best of the fair's rides would be retained and others added, Ewen C. Dingwall told the Seattle Center commission today. The area would be ready by summer.

Dingwall resigned as fair manager to help organize the new group.

The World's Fair Hawaii Pavilion would occupy the center of the new amusement area.

The pavilion would be moved in sections from east of the Stadium and reassembled as soon as the Gayway site is usable. The Polynesian-style building would be altered to house an old German carousel with hand-carved horses.

Dingwall said prices of rides would be substantially less than those charged during the fair. No admission charge to the area is planned.

The New amusement area would differ in many respects from the Gayway, Dingwall said. It would not be jammed with rides and concessions as the Gayway was and it would be landscaped.

Dingwall compared the proposed area to Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen.

Seattle World Center would prefer about a three-year lease from the city, he said. "We would improve the area as it developed," Dingwall added.

A detailed proposal will be presented the commission in December by Robert Ashley legal counsel for the new corporation. Dingwall will be on a two-month vacation.

One ride for which the corporation is negotiating is the Wild Mouse, the hit of the Gayway.

The area would extend generally from the Armory to Fifth Avenue North and from The Monorail terminal north to the Stadium. The northern boundary would be a line extending from the south side of the Stadium east to Fifth Avenue North.

The Skyride would continue to operate, with one terminal in the new amusement area.
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