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Roller Skating Foundation


Overview of RS Foundation

A little about the Roller Skating Foundation of America (now part of RSROA) taken from their 1959 handbook "Profit and Management" personalized to Northwest Chicago Skate Agency (formerly owned by Robert Bollinger / became part of National Skate, Tacoma, WA).

One of RSFA's most important projects has been the editing of the industry's first A to Z operational handbook, "Profit and Management". More than a year n preparation, the book represents the results of exhaustive surveys and thousands of hours of conference and discussion with qualified experts both inside and outside the roller skating industry.

RSFA's activities are conducted from office in New York and Chicago under the direction of its President, Robert R. Ware, St., who also is President of Chicago Roller Skate Company; Vice President Joseph F. Shevelson and Executive Secretary Irwin N. Rosee.

Funders and staunch supporters of RSFA, Chicago Roller Skate Company President Robert R Ware, Sr, Vise Presidents Joseph F Shevelson, Gorden Ware and Robert R Ware, Jr.

Founded in November, 1956, Chicago Roller Skate Company, RSFA carries on an ambitious promotional and public relations program. Stated simply, its am is to make rink roller skating the number one recreation in the nation.

It is RSFA's policy to work closely and cooperate fully and impartially with every segment of the roller skating industry. Basically, the Foundation's activities fall into two categories:
    1. Publicizing and promoting roller skating on the national level through newspaper and magazine stories, radio and television and such special projects as the National Skate Queen Contest.

    2. Encouraging and assisting rink operators to be an effective voice for the sport in their own communities.
RSFA is a logical development from the social and economic situation that effects all types of recreational business: high wages and increased leisure time; a bumper teen-age population; an awakening to the need for improving the physical fitness of our nation, and widening interest in "family" sports.

Other major participation sports had effective promotional organizations. It was felt that RSFA would fill a similar need for roller skating.

RSFA's program is aimed at the general public, to increase roller skating's acceptance as a healthful, wholesome form of recreation; at the potential customer, to get more people into the rinks, and at the rinkman, to help him level out the hills and valleys that so often affect his box office and keep profits down.

The organization also serves as a centralized information clearing house and a research arm for the industry. Still another part of the RSFA story was illustrated by its successful efforts in effecting a broadening of the Small Business Administration's policy to make roller rinks eligible for loans.

Here are a few of the activities regularly carried on by RSFA:
    1. Publication of Rinksider, monthly "trade" newspaper for rink operators, which is circulated free to each of the approximately 5,000 rinks in the United States.

    2. Tie-ins with the Pepsi-Cola Company, a powerful ally, on advertising, publicity and promotion of the industry.

    3. The annual Skate Queen Contest, an effective promotional tool at the local level and a priceless national "showcase" for the roller skating industry.

    4. Arranging network television participations to bring roller skating's message into millions of homes.

    5. Arranging for appearances of the Skate Queen and precision skaters in such nationally-televised events as the R. H. Macy and J. L. Hudson Thanksgiving Day parades in New York and Detroit, respectively.

    6. Production of a series of promotional films to help sell roller skating to the public.

    7. Placing roller skating stories with magazines, wire services and daily and weekly newspapers.

    8. Representation of roller skating at sessions of President Eisenhower's Youth Fitness Council, the National Recreation Congress, the Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, the National Industrial Recreation Association and other organizations.

    9. Cooperation with the Girl Scouts' Skating Proficiency Award program and continuing efforts to establish a skating merit badge for the Boy Scouts.

    10. Presentation of "Good Skate" awards to prominent personalties for their contributions to roller skating.
Roller Skating Foundation's
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