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Roll-O-Way Skating Rink

Roll-O-Way Roller Rink in Kelso, WA was another entity providing income to Robert. This rink was also known as Glide Hall and Twin City Rink.

In 1937, Robert purchased 150 pair of new steel roller skates at $3.23 per pair and 25 pair of aluminum used skates at $3.50 per pair for this rink.

The aluminum wheels had disadvantages as the more they were used, the sharper the edges of the wheels became. One person said they could be used for shaving. Another disadvantage was they turned the floor black. The black from the floor transferred to the clothing of skaters upon falling.

The managers were Veryl and Marge Foster. Organists Ray Dundis and Len Hoyt played for the skating sessions. Len traveled to Kelso from Portland, OR.

November of 1940, Robert purchased an electronic organ, 200 pair of roller skates at $2.70 per pair, 55 pair of roller skates at $2.95 per pair, a Frigidare Bottle Cooler, an electric sign plus miscellaneous equipment.

Holding a dance after skating sessions was a good source of revenue; however, as the dancers became more problematic, skater attendance declined. Thus this rink was closed in 1943.
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