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Life with Robert

The first time Robert and I spoke was in the late 1950's. In his 'fatherly' way, he advised me never to marry a man until he had at least $500 in the bank.

Our next conversation didn't take place until early 1985, when he asked me out to dinner.

During the next few years, we developed a close relationship. One Monday in late June 1993, Robert had an outpatient procedure. His request to remain hospitalized overnight fell on deaf ears.

After he called to cancel dinner that evening, I picked up some milkshakes and hamburgers for us. When I arrived, he was in a pool of blood. In the emergency room, he asked me to marry him.

Marriage was not a step I wanted to take as I enjoyed the friendship and didn't want to lose it.

Our dinner dates had been kept private so there were a lot of surprised people when, at his insistence, I "showed off" my engagement ring - received the day before we were married.

We enjoyed a closeness that is hard to describe and learned from one another. An acquaintance observed that he and I could communicate across rooms with just a glance.

At a Las Vegas show, Robert's demeanor drew the attention of the emcee who was running the show from the center of the ring. Within 5 minutes, Robert became part of the show as the emcee took a seat beside him.

Year 2001, Robert hired an attorney to settle questions he had regarding the way Oaks Park Association was set up. This report broke his heart and his health started to fail. He learned "friends" that he had trusted and been overly kind to, failed to hold up their end of the friendship.

Before his passing in 2004, he decided he didn't want to have a service. When that became public knowledge, pressure was put on me to have a service as "his friends" needed to "say good-bye".

Almost 2 1/2 months later, a Celebration of Life was held at Oaks Park. The last "Memorial" paid to him was about 5 months later. Personally, I couldn't really start the healing process until after the last "Memorial / Celebration" was held.

It is not quite a year since the service at Oaks. During these past months, the Lord brought many people into my life. One evening, five strangers delivered HIS message to read passages in Isaiah and Job regarding how HE watches over children and widows.

To those who helped me, please accept my thanks. There are no words to express my appreciation. Your kindness has been, and will be, extended to others whose lives cross mine.

May HE bless and keep you wrapped in HIS arms.
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