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KLIQ Radio Station

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Oaks Park

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Foster Sporting Goods

Foster Sporting Goods

On location - Rogers Five Dime
Hollywood District

Inside the station

During its short life at Oaks, there were two groups of employees. The first were casual with a music format. A complete change of staff was required.

Although the second group dressed professionally and the format changed to include more news reporting, the station was unable to overcome the previous difficulties (closed 11/30/1958).

When asked about this venture at a 1994 event, Robert replied that he had lost his shorts.

Broadcasting caused interference with the park and rink public address system.  The tower was located in the park. Eventually, filters were installed that solved this problem. After KLIQ stopped using the tower, it was rented to other stations.

Prank Call
The other day Bob McAnulty conducted a 15-minute interview with a bro-doll on radio KLIQ and when they were about finished, the babe dropped her voice to a very masculine level.

Bob got shook up and Don McGilvary, KLIQ's playful sales manager, finally explained that the "chick" was actually a female impersonator from the east-side floor show . . .

McAnulty will never be the same.

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