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When Robert Bollinger, Denver Burtenshaw and Gerald Mackey formed Burrard Amusements, Ltd. around 1956 to build Playland Park, they each invested 1/3 of what was estimated to build it. Under the lease between the PNE and Burrard Amusements, all buildings built by Burrard belonged to it; however, the lease between the City of Vancouver and the PNE stated all structures belong to the City of Vancouver.

On March 21, 1979, Robert Bollinger, Mrs. Burtenshaw and Mrs. Mackey signed an agreement to sell Burrard Amusements to the PNE.

Per correspondence with the barrister representing Burrard Amusements, PNE immediately sold Playland to Conklin Shows. After its sale, the building protecting the carousel was torn down. It is unclear whether this was done by PNE, City of Vancouver or Conklin Shows.

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