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  Park Vancouver B.C.

Burrard Amusements shared Playland with other RIDE OWNERS, GAME OWNERS (CONCESSIONS) and food service entities (FOOD CONCESSIONS) in order to offer the best experience to the patron. Per industry custom, leases were entered into between each concessionaire and Burrard. After the PNE purchased Playland, they sold it to a Canadian entity who raised the lease fees from Burrard's rate of 5% to 55%.

Discontinuing the use of the specially designed portable building Burrard Amusements had built to protect the carousel was another change.

These leases included a provision that the rides, their transport to and from, set up and tear down, key supervisory employees to oversee the work and their safe operation was the responsibility of the ride owners. PNE issued RIDE OPERATOR INSTRUCTIONS which included GROUNDS FOR DISMISSAL that each operator signed after reading.

The majority of RIDES were leased by Burrard Amusements from Oaks Park Amusements, Ltd. and FunTastic Rides, Inc. Other ride owners leased space from Burrard Amusements. This is a partial list: 21st Century Productions Inc., Active Stables Ltd., B. Blake, Don Simmonds, G. P. Mackey, Jack Norman Enterprises, M.F. Wagner Shows, Royal Western Shows, Sky Glider Recreations Ltd., Universal Observation Towers Ltd., West Coast Amusements Ltd., and Western Attractions Ltd.

Concessions (games) were offered by a variety of owners such as: S. Ansher, A. Busch, S. Callahan, H. Cooper, R. Davis, E. Doughtery, D. Eastman, F. Eastman, G. Eastman, T. Elliott B. Harris, E. Jacobson G. D. Kerslake, M & A Enterprises Ltd., M. Mackey, R. Mullenberg, Pacific Amusements Ltd, S. W Pinchback Randa Amusements Ltd., and Riverside Amusement Ltd.

Food Concessions were also shared. These are a few who provided food to the patrons: B. & H. Concessions, Burrard Amusements, D. A. Burtenshaw, Grandlawn, W. Hauser, Jack & Jill, R. Parsons, and B. Sivewright.

Rides Patrons Enjoyed Thru the Years - ** indicates child's ride
Aeroplane Guister Bahn Miniature Golf Slide Ride
Antique Cars Haunted Forest Mirror Maze Space Age
Auto Ride

Haunted House Monster Mouse Space Pillow
Auto Ride ** Helicopter ** Motorcycles Spider
Auto Turnpike ** Himalaya Octopus Spin-Rock-Roll
Baby Wheel

House of Mystery Octopus (Theme) Spiro Tower
Boat Ride Hurricane Parachute Swiss Toboggan
Boats ** Little Dipper ** Paratrooper Tilt-A-Whirl
Bulgy Jolly Cat Pony Karts TipTop
Bumper Cars

Laff In The DarkkRock-O-Plane Toboggan
Caterpillar Little Dipper Roll-O-Plane Trabant
Dark Ride ** Live Ponies Roller Coaster
   (Giant Dipper)
Dry Boats Looper Rotor Miniature Train **
Dune Buggy Mad Mouse Round Up Tubs of Fun
Enterprise Maison de Verre Scrambler Turbo
Ferris Wheel (#16) Matterhorn Skooters Twister
Ferris Wheel (#5) Merry-Go-Round Sky Diver Umbrella
Fly-O-Plane Merry-Go-Round ** Sky Fighter ** Whip
Fun-O-Rama Meteor Sky Glider Whip **
Giant Slide Mini Skooters ** Sky Wheel Zipper

Concessions (Games)
Add Darts Cats Rifle Range
Age Derby Roman Target
Apple Dart Duck Pond Skee Balls
Arcade Fascination Skil-O-Rama
Balloons Machine Guns Sling Shot
Balloons #2 Novelties Strings
Balloons - sale of One Ball Teeth
Bean Bags Pitch-U-Win Watch La
Bottles Pokereno  
Break 3 Punks  
PNE Ride Operator Instructions were:
     1 - Keep yourself as neat and clean as possible. Levies are not to be worn on ride operation.

     2 - Be courteous and polite to the public, especially to riders, assist them on and off the rides when possible or if it is evident they need help. In event of difficulties, do not argue with them, but direct them to the office.

     3 - Do not let girls hang around the rides and do not encourage them to do so. If you must talk to them, do so on your relief.

     4 - Do not interfere with cashier's duties when they have work to do. Never stand in
front of the booth and do not permit others to do so. When it is necessary to talk to them, use the side windows. It is the duty of the #1 man, or whoever is in charge at the time, to see that the cashier has plenty of tickets and change, etc.

    5 - It is the duty of all men on any ride to see that it is kept clean. Also the area kept clean of papers and debris. This can be done when not busy or the last thing at night, so the grounds crew can pick it up. #1 man will be responsible to see that it is done. keep ticket booth cleaned out.

     6 - When on a ride, be alert and awake; do not lean or lay on them. Do not eat your lunch while on ride.

     7 - Never leave ride unattended and do not turn over controls to friends, strangers or unauthorized persons. Run ride empty or use other ethical methods to get riders. Report any defect of ride and be sure it gets taken care of. Do not attempt to fix something you know nothing about.

     8 - Take care of all tools and machinery and see tat they are returned to where they belong; be sure you know who is borrowing and get it back. Tools are expensive and necessary. Keep tool boxes locked at night.

     9 - know where First Aid Station is located. Be very careful that NO ONE, including ride help, gets hurt. Get help immediately if it does happen. Be sure they get attention no matter how slight. If possible, get name, address, witnesses, time and details of accident for office report. Always keep an eye on passengers.

   10 - Ten minutes allowed on breaks, unless otherwise specified; half hour for meals. (#1 man should know where men on ride are always.)

   11 - Do not bother the joints (food concessions) on the grounds; they are in business also and do not appreciate you hanging around them.

   12 - The person taking tickets should check the numbers; if they are not from that rides' tickets, question such person about where they got them.. Detain persons having tickets that seem irregular, such as old and dirty ones, mixed up numbers and quite a number of tickets; get someone from office to check it out.

   13 - No pregnant women allowed to ride.

   14 - Do not close until given order to do so by authorized person.

     1 - Drinking on job or showing up for work under the influence.

     2 - Giving out tickets or passes take by ticket take. They are to be torn and put in ticket box immediately. No one rides without a ticket.

     3 - Billfolds and other valuable articles are not turned in. Billfolds are not to be opened by rider operators. They are to be turned in as soon as possible to the office or responsible person from the office. If it is claimed, have them give description of contents and then have them open it and show you if they have given satisfactory description; if so, give it to them; if not, take it back. Do not give it to anyone who claims it without proper description. Keep an eye open for articles and try not to let someone else get them.
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