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Coaster2 Each of the Burrard partners had an area of expertise. Anything that had to do with running Playland was discussed. When related to amusement rides, Robert Bollinger was the recognized expert.

It was Robert who hired Carl Phare to design the coaster for Playland. Robert arranged for the additional financing needed to make the ride become a reality.

Robert's rider supervisor (William Walker LeRoy) was brought from Portland, OR (where he lived in one of Robert's houses) to oversee the crew consisting of local carpenters hired to help with the building. Robert always hired local workers for miscellaneous jobs during the fair season.

Shortly after Robert's retirement, "Walker" asked Robert for help as a ride owner / operator had threatened him. Later, when asked, about the conversation, he said it was better not discussed. It can only surmised it had something to do with "Walker's" habit of falsely taking credit for someone else's work and / or falsely claiming ownership to that which was not his.

A good example of lack of checking facts can be seen in a YouTube video on the building of this coaster.  It gives credit to "Walker" (simply a ride supervisor for Robert) for the building of the Playland Coaster. To bad the person who used footage and pictures that Robert paid "Walker" to take for him, failed to check the facts more closely nor find the true ownership of the film / pictures.

During special events, Burrard invited other shows to bring rides / concessions in to enhance Playland's show. After Playland was sold to the PNE, the rates to outside vendors (usually Canadian) were changed thus making it impossible to continue the tradition Robert and his partners started.


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