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Hansen Responds to Sykes


Broadway vs Classic Organ

Bill Hansen's reponse to a circa 1954 article by Mike Sykes comparing the Broadway and Classic organs is below.

Comparisons made by Mr. Sykes with Broadway organ and such instruments as the civic organ are hardly fair. It's like comparing a brass band to a symphony orchestra.

Broadway organ, while not containing as many pipes, has a great deal more stops and volume than the organs Mr Sykes mentioned. This is accomplished through a system of wiring which makes the various ranks available on any keyboard at any pitch and high pressure air which brings more volume out of each individual pipe.

The Broadway organ also differs in that it contains many percussion instruments not found in the refined classic organ. These include glockenspiel, xylophone, marimba, chromatic sleigh bells, tambourine, bird whistles, Chinese wood block, snare drum, bass drum, Persian crash cymbal, and many others. On these points, I feel that a fair comparison between classic and theater organs is impossible.

Bill Hansen, Jr.,

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