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Roller Rhythms of '66

Winter Magic
Desert Song

In Old New York

Roller Rhythms of '66
December 13, 14, 15
Show Number
Cast Members / Feature Skater(s)
Organist Don Simmons
1. An Evening in Paris Dance Couples: Joan Anderson, George Kolibaba, Marvis Syron, Andy Syron, Kay Berry, Terry Wood, Lynne Neinstadt, Watford Reed, Linda Martinson, Dennis Blanchard, Christine Lenty, John Gustafson, Patia Douglas, Rusty Blum, Kathy Smith, Paul Jenson, Pam Murry, Dennis Wright, Loretta Wood, Dean Berry
American in Paris: Raymond Lenty; Hat-Check Girl: Mary O'Mara; Can-can Dancer: Laura O'Mara
2. Bullfight The Parade: Tim McClung, Rick McClung, Aaron Kreuger, Jeannine Peck, Janet Adams, Janet Gross, Theresa Compton, Jerri Ann Wilson, Sandra Cole, Marla Blanchard, Donna Ledington, Carolyn Meighan, Brad Berry, Laura O'Mara, Diana Hegsted, Johnny Wilson, Russ Cappoen, Jackie Culver, Norm Cappoen, Barb Collins, Cinda Jensen, Terry Compton, Debbie Marchant
Featuring: Debbie Betts
Mexican Clap Dance: Tammy Mutton, Cindy Anderson, Robin Kolibaba
The Bull: Keith Compton, Ray Cappoen
Townspeople: Bill Causey, Mike Causey, Sandra Coy, Cindy Andress, Linda Sommann, Carol Irish, Connie Karnes
Picador: Jack Lenty
Matador: Bobby Aldridge
Toreador: Ray Lenty
3. Modern Mood Kay Berry, Loretta Wood, Cheryl Hays, Christine Lenty, Mary O'Mara, Lynne Neinstadt, Valerie Smith, Dianne Rouse, Patia Douglas, Debra Densem, Marvis Syron, Joan Anderson, Linda Martinson, Pam Murray, Susan Jenson, Patti Songer, Kathy Smith, Jody Teetz, Jan Gray, Paul Jensen, Terry Wood, Andy Syron, Dennis Wright, Frank Walsh, Rusty Blum, Dennis Blanchard, George Kolibaba, Kim Collins, Charles Gray
4. "Crime Does Not Pay" Comedy: Bill Rahmig, Dick LeRoy, Barbara Paterson
5. Winter Magic Kathy Smith, Mary O'Mara, Lynne Neinstadt, Nancy Johannes, Pam Reed, Kay Berry, Valerie Smith,Linda Martinson, Ellen Page, Patia Douglas, Pam Murray, Sue Jenson, Jean Andreson, Debra Denson, Patti Songer, Jackie Culver, Dianne Rouse, Jody Teetz, Jan Gray, Colleen Compton, Cheryl Hays, Loretta Wood, Alice Wadman;
Featuring: Christine Lenty
6.In Old New York Ladies: Juanita Willard, JoAnn Epperson, Pat Songer, Rose McClung, Peggy Randall, Ruby Walker, Marian Boetger, Vi Kirchem, Edith Schoelz, Betty Van Abkoube, Dorothy Krause, Kathy Winslow
Couples: Millie & Bob Reed, Sue & Ray Cappoon, Mae & Cecil Carroll, Pat & Keith Compton
Featuring: George Kolibaba (Police Officer), his partner, Sharon Kolibaba
Barbershop Quartet: George McClung, Cecil Gustafson, Charles Gray, Frank Walsh
7. "Lady of the Lake" Comedy: Bob Cline, Dick LeRoy, Dennis Wright
8. The Desert Song
Featuring: John Gustafson as "Red Shadow" and "Pierre"
The Riffs Dennis Blanchard, Dean Berry, Rusty Blum, Terry Wood, Paul Jensen, Raymond Lenty
The Legionnaires Charles Gray, Dennis Wright, Andy Syron, John Gustafson, Watford Reed, George Kolibaba
The French Ladies Jan Gray, Pam Murray, Marvis Syron, Jody Teetz, Dianne Rouse, Joan Anderson
The Governor Frank Walsh
Margot Christine Lenty
The Slave Frank Horner
Prince Ali Terry Wood
The Dancing Girls Susan Jenson, Debra Densem, Linda Martinson, Loretta Wood, Kathy Smith, Bobby Douglas, Mary O'Mara, Cheryl Hays, Ellen Page, Lynne Neinstadt, Pat McCue, Kay Berry
Synopsis: The "Riffs", a band of Moroccan tribesmen fighting against French oppression, are led by the mysterious "Red Shadow." They plan a raid on the nearby Legion Post, because of the extreme cruelty of the Post Commander toward the native Moroccans. In reality, the "Red Shadow" is an honorable Legionnaire named Pierre, who is discretely in sympathy with the natives. Pierre learns that France is sending a new governor to the Post and that the man being sent is his own father! Arriving on the same ship with the governor is the young girl Margot, whose engagement to the Post Commander has been arranged by her parents. Margot is repelled by the cruelty of this man, and refuses to even dance with him. During the Riff raid, the commander is wounded and the Red Shadow seizes Margot as a hostage. At the tent of his friend, Prince Ali, the Red Shadow and his band of Riffs have a hide-out. Margot and the Red Shadow fall in love. However, the Governor and his Legionnaires discover "Red Shadow' hide-out, the governor recognizes his son's sword and makes peace with the Riffs.
Directed by Lynn and Ray Lenty
Announcer Dean Songer
Costumes Ruth Bollinger, Loretta Aldridge, Nadine Berry, Mary Schenk, Helen Washam, Alagera LeRoy, Nancy Songer, Frieda Helzer, Evelyn Stratton, Kay Noble, Jan Gray, Shirley Mutton, parents of skaters
Scenery / Props Kirk, Keith & Pat Compton, Kay Noble, Mrs. Jenson, Lloyd Martinson, Ted & Geraldine Dreyer, Mr & Mrs Krueger, Charles & Jan Gray, members of Parents & Senior Clubs
Set Construction Walker LeRoy, Oaks Park Crew
Stage Crew Gene Somann, Fred Wilson, Jess Spruell, Robert Reed, Jr, Cecil Gustafson, Dallas Schenk
Lights Jerry Anderson, Bob Reinman, Chuck Carter
Photographers Burnell Coy, Norm Berry
Ticket Committee Joanne Schenk, Sue Cappoon, Marvis & Andy Syron
Publicity Norton Detsch
Publicity - Senior Club George Kolibaba, Cheryl Hays, Watford Reed, Mrs Adams, Mrs Martinson
Professional Staff Ray & Lynn Lenty, Joanne Schenk, Norm Berry

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