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Roller Rhythms of '61


March 5, 6, 7, 8 (13th Edition)
Show Number
Cast Members / Feature Skater(s)
1. Overature Buss McClelland
2. A Tribute to Dixie Oak-Ettes
Featuring: Linda Gowan, Barbara Allen, John Gustafson, Richard Gustafson
3. Class Time Skaters of Saturday Morning Class
4. It's Fun to Dance Oak-Ettes and Ka-Dets
5. In an Oriental Way Jr Oak-Ettes and Ka-Dets
Featuring: Colleen O'Mara, Richard Gustafson
6. Free and Easy Oak-Ettes and Ka-Dets
7. Oregon State Roller Queen Jeanie Bell

8. Way Down South Oak-Ettes and Ka-Dets
9. Salute to George M Cohan Oak-Ettes and Ka-Dets
10. Knights of the Road Frank Walsh and Dale Pritchard
11. Mr Juchemich Joe Juchemich
12. Way Out West Oak-Ettes and Ka-Dets
13. Mr and Mrs Jeanne and Dale Pritchard
14. Flash Militaire Oak-Ettes and Ka-Dets
Featuring: John Gustafson
15. Finale Oak-Ettes and Ka-Dets
Master of Ceremonies Dean Songer
Choreography Dale Pritchard
Musical Arrangements Buss McClelland
Stage Crew Dallas Schenk, Ross Jacky, Miles MacAlpin, Larry O'Dell, Cecil Gustafson
Spotlights Lloyd Stratton, Ray Mumpower
Floorlights Jerry Anderson
Artists Dick Pleasant
Technician Walker (William) LeRoy
Sound Norman Berry
Costume Materials R.B. Howell, Royal Bldg.
Costumes Ruth Bollinger, Jeanne Pritchard, Helen Washam, Alegra LeRoy, Nancy Songer,
Mary Schenk, Nadine Berry, Dorothy Mumpower, Ida O'Mara, All Parents who helped

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