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1959 Roller Rhythms

Shows were on March 1, 2, 3, 4

Show Number
Cast Members / Feature Skater(s)
1. Overature Buss McClelland
2. An 18th Century Drawing Room The Oak-Ettes and Ka-Dets
Featuring: Delores Douglas and John Clark
3. 4 On The Town Frank Walsh, Kenny Hads, Ray Comela, A Dale Pritchard
4. On the Oregon Trail All members of Oaks Jr Classes
5. A Little Bit Swiss Delores Douglas, Kenny Hads, Joanne Schenk, John Clark
6. Dancing As You Like It The Oak-Ettes and Ka-Detts
7. Children At Play Barbara Eayrs, Donna Lewis, Larry Nelson, Bill Rahmig
8. Josephine On The Loose Evelyn & Lorraine Stratton, Barbara Allen, Linda Gowan, Roe Ann Child, Charlotte Wolgast
9. Putting On The Ritz The Oak-Ettes and Ka-Dets
Featuring: Rodney Babcock
10. Oriental Fantasy Oak-Ettes
Featuring: Linda Gowan and Chuck Cassidy
11. The Street Cleaners Frank Walsh, Richard Gustafson, Ray Comella, Dale Pritchard
12. El Toro Ole The Oak-Ettes and Ka-Dets
13. 1859 Gone Modern The Oak-Ettes and Ka-Dets
14. The Embassy Ball The Oak-Ettes and Ka-Dets
15. Thank Heaven for Little Girls Ray Comella
16. Mr & Mrs Jeanne and A Dale Pritchard
17. An Excursion to the Moon Oak-Ettes and Ka-Dets
With the Silver Flash Ronald Cogdil
Featuring: Charlotte Wolgast, Linda Gowan, John Gustafson, Richard Gustafson
18. Finale Entire Cast
Oak-Ettes Barbara Allen, Joan Anderson, Susan Birch, Sharyn Cameron, Roe Ann Child, Janet Cogdill, Nancy Delplanche, Delores Douglas, Dvenna Duncan, Barbara Eayrs, Linda Gowan, Joyce Hansen, Joan Jaren, Linda LeRoy, Mariley Lewis, Donna Lewis, Soundra Ludwig, Mary McCullough, Mary Anne Millington, Charlene Mills, Shirley Mills, Jackie Payne, Marcella Peck, Val Pierce, Barbara Propeck, Barbara Schenk, Joanne Schenk, Donna Serpa, Leslie Smith, Sharon Smith, Judy Souther, Judy Vaughen, Sandra Watts, Carol Wilkinson, Donna Wolfe
Junior Oak-Ettes Kay Berry, Coren Foley, Mary Ann Reimer, Linda Souther, Charlotte Wolgast
Ka-Dets Arnold Ambuehl, Rodney Babcock, Chuck Cassidy, Gene Chamberain, John Clark, Loren Cogdill, Ronald Cogdill, Dave Cox, Mike Frances, John Gustafson, Kenny Hads, John Klein, Casey McCuen, Dennis McCuen, Don Mize, Larry Nelson, Henry Perry, Burke Pierce, Bill Rohmig, Gary Richardson, Guy Sherbourne, Bill Swint, Pat Syron, Tom Tremain, Bruce Wadsworth, Terry Wollen, Frank Walsh, Howard Wordwell, Ronald Williams, Dick Yates
Junior Ka-Dets Dean Berry, Greg Berry, Bob Clous, Jim Clous, Richard Gustafson, Paul Lovett, Mike Pritchard, Kenny Reiner
Master of Ceremonies Dean Songer
Choreography A Dale & Jean Pritchard and Ray Comella
Musical Arrangements "Buss" McClelland
Production Manager John DiSciullo
Electrician Gordon Douglas
Stage Crew Andy Syron, Al Clarke, Harold Harding, Ross Jacky
Spotlights Ronald Renoud, Jerry Anderson
Artist Ray Comella
Technician Paul Holmstrom, Walker (William) LeRoy
Sound Norm Berry
Costume Materials Associated Fabrics Co of New York, Howell & Co., Portland
Costumes Ruth Bollinger, Jeanne Prichard, Donna Holmstrom, Mary LeRoy, Nancy Songer, Mary Schenk, Evelyn Stratton, Dorothy Mumpower, and All Mothers of the Cast
Produced by Robert & Ruth Bollinger

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