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1958 Roller Rhythms

Shows were on March 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Show Number
Cast Members / Feature Skater(s)
Overature Buss McClelland
1. The Travelers Ernest and Francis Westerlund
2. Winged Fantasy Marcella Peck, Alice Kenworthy Mary Anne Millington, Val Veit, Barbara Purcell, Donna Wolfe, Pam Metz, Leslie Smith, Delores Hamm, Sharon Cameron, Irene Winter, Linda Gowan, Barbara Schenk, Shirley Mutschler, Joan Jaren, Jeanne Swanson, Carol Wilkinson, Dvenna Duncan, Carlene Mills, Linda LeRoy
Featuring: Barbara Eayrs
3. Four on the Town Frank Walsh, Kenny Hads, Ray Comella, Dale Pritchard
4. A Western Social Brian Hardman, Vicki Meyer, Karen Chimentt, Sherrill Wing, Craig Venator, Pam Mumper, Linda Potts, Bonnie Grable, Carol Schaber, Dixie Foley, Tom Koenig, Russell Lewis, Karen Collins, Judy Kelly, Sue Cole, Kenneth Reiner, Carol Sparwasser, Dean Berry, Kenny Holmstrom, Mike Pritchard, Patty Songer, Heidi Martens, Kathene Holden, Dennis Archer, Susie Watson, Terrie Standley, Davd Deering, Jackie Grable, Cheryl Royse, Margie Langeliers, Dorothea Watts, Linda Souther, Paul Lovett, Mickey Becker, Debby Lewis, Bob Rienman, James Claus, Dan Chapin, Greg Berry, Kathy Holmstrom, Libby McClelland, Julie Becher, Jay Lamb, Donell Archer, Janice Ludwig, Patti Mumper, Nickele Chimentt, Betty Grable, Billie Grable, Carren Foley, Tom Kessler, Glenn Lewis, Sandra Watts, Dennis Wehling, Colleen O'Mara, Mary Ann Reiner, Bob Claus, Joyce Hanson, Kay Berry, Karen Holmstrom, Steve Songer
Featuring: Richard Gustafson and Charlotte Wolgast
5. A Day In the Life of Quiet Burp Kenny Hads, Ronald Gustafson, Gary Richardson, Dennis McCuen, Alice Kenworthy, Marge Morgan, Barbara Schenk, Frank Walsh, Ronald Williams, Don Irvn, Chuck Cooper, Jeanne Swanson, Mary Anne Millington, Teresa Willits, John Gustafson, Don Anderson, Larry Nelson, Casey McCuen, Barbara Purcell, Mary Tripp, Jean Hayworth.
6. The Wild Wild West Marcella Peck, Sharon Cameron, Carol Wikinson, Delores Douglas, Donna Wolfe, Sharon King, Val Viet, Arlene Schenk, Dvenna Duncan, Barbara Westland, Linda LeRoy, Leslie Smith, Joan Jaren, Joanne Schenk, Nancy Gibbons, Pam Metz
Featuring: John Gustafson
7. Dancing As You Like It Alice Kenworthy, Leslie Smith, Margaret Schlangen, Nancy Gibbons, Barbara Allen, Gene Chamberlain, Bill Rahmig, Nick Wehling, Chuck Cooper, Val Veit, Irene Winter, Janet Cogdill, Mary Tripp, Pam Metz, Arland McDougall, Don Irvin, John Gustafson, Howard Wardwell, Barbara Purcell, Dvenna Duncan, Charlene Mills, Barbara Schenk, Chuck Cassidy, Ross Jacky, Dennis McCuen, Ronald Williams, Burke Pierce
8. In The Good Old Days Linda Gowan, Judy Vaughan, Carol Wilkinson, Linda Doggett, Delores Douglas, Mary Annne Millington, Ross Jacky, Kenny Hads, Doug Kelly, Loren Cogdill, Nick Wehling, Sharon Smith, Barbara Eayrs, Donna Lewis, Marilyn Renoud, Donna Wolfe, Larry Nelson, Joe Kessler, Casey McCuen, Ronald Cogdill, John Clark, Ronald Williams, Arlene Schenk, Jeanne Swanson, Joan Connard, Joanne Schenk, Shirley Mutsch, Don Anderson, Gene Finucane, Guy Sherbourne, Ronald Gustafson, Frank Walsh
9. Redskin Pow Wow Irene Winter, Arlene Schenk, Barbara Eayrs, Donna Lewis, Margaret Schlangen, Joanne Schenk, Larry Nelson, Ross Jacky, Gene Finucane, Guy Sherbourne, Ronald Gustafson, Loren Cogdill, Linda Gowan, Joan Jaren, Jeanne Swanson, Joan Cannard, Marilyn Renoud, Delores Douglas, Steve Winter, Joe Kessler, Kenny Hads, Doug Kelly, Don Irvin, John Clark, Sharon Smith, Judy Vaughan, Carol Wilkinson, Linda Doggett, Janet Cogdill, Shirley Mutschler, Don Anderson, Bill Rahmig, Casey McCuen, Ronald Cogdill, Dennis McCuen
Featuring: Sharon King and Chuck Cassidy
10. How! Ugh! & Me Squaw! Frank Walsh, Ray Comella, Dale Pritchard
11. Child's Dream Barbara Allen, Chrlotte Wolgast, Kay Berry, Norma Snider, Greg Berry, Tommy Koenig, Richard Gustafson
Featuring: Linda Gowan and John Gustafson
12. Black Magic Sharon Smith, Barbara Easyrs, Marilyn Renoud, Donna Wolfe, Gene Finucane, Guy Sherbourne, John Clark, Arlene Schenk, Donna Lewis, Joanne Schenk, Don Anderson, Kenny Hads, Doug Kelly, Judy Vaughan, Joan Cannard, Delores Douglas, Joe Kessler, Casey McCuen, Ronald Gustafson
13. The Flying Sodier Barbara Purcell, Janet Cogdill, Nancy Gibbons, Marge Morgan, Barbara Westand, Teresa Wilits, Jean Hayworth, Charlene Mills, Sharon King
14. Viennese Ball Marcella Peck, Judy Vaughn, Margaret Schlangen, Mary Tripp, Larry Nelson, Bill Rahmig, Doug Kelly, Ronald Williams, Mary Anne Millington, Donna Lewis, Marilyn Renoud, Linda LeRoy, Steve Winter, Gene Finucane, Dennis McCuen, Chuck Cooper, Sharon Cameron, Linda Doggett, Delores Douglas, Shirley Mutschler, Joe Kessler, Guy Sherbourne, John Clark, Howard Wardwell
15. Penguins on Parade Joe Marovich, Dale Rusch, Dick LeRoy, Frank Walsh, Murray Birmingham, Kenny Hads, Joe Juchemich
Featuring: Evelyn Stratton
16. Professonally Yours Mr and Mrs - Jeanne and Dale Pritchard
Mr Debonair: Ray Comella
17. Winter Holiday Featuring:
Delores Douglas, John Clark,
Joanne Schenk, Frank Walsh
18. Finale Entire Cast
Master of Ceremonies Dean Songer
Choreography A Dale & Jean Pritchard and Ray Comella
Musical Arrangements "Buss" McClelland
Production Manager John DiSciullo
Electrician Gordon Douglas
Stage Crew Bill Wiseman, Charles Gowan Sr, Howard Harding
Spotlights Ronad Renoud, Jerry Anderson
Artist Ray Comella
Technician Walker (William) LeRoy
Sound Norm Berry
Costume Materials Associated Fabrics Co of New York
Costumes Ruth Bollinger, Jeanne Prichard, Donna Holmstrom, Mary LeRoy, Nancy Songer, Mary Schenk, Eleanor Rich, Evelyn Stratton, Rosa Gilliam and All Mothers of the Cast
Produced by Robert & Ruth Bollinger

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