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1950 Festival In Rhythm

Festival in Rhythm 1950
November 14, 15, 18, 19
Dancing in the Country

Day at the Beach
A Little Bit of Erin

Evelyn and Tequilla

Flying High - Dick LeRoy

Santa's Workshop

Winter Wonderland

Snow Flakes


Bunnies on Parade

The Bowery

The Bowery

Show Number
Cast Members / Feature Skater(s)
Overature Pete Kraushaar
1. Sept Morning Jean Ashbaugh, Evelyn Aston, Delores Bass, Arlene Brown, Beverly Butler, Sally Davidson, Marion Dewey, Donna Evans, Nona Farra, Betty Kiske, Penny Hawkins, Ruth Madgen, Jerry McCall, Carolyn Melia, Barbara Painter, Irene Shelley, Peggy Shockley, Della Whitehead
Maid of the Mist: Donna Whitehead
2. Ghostland Ghosts: Bob Bebee, Joe Juchemich, Bill Couch, Bob Peterson, Mike Jacques, Dick Polivka
Man in a Tux: Rollie Grina
3. Dancing in the Country Dancing Couples: Evelyn Aston, Bob Peterson, Bettye Broaddus, Everett Ponder, Arlene Brown, Bob Daniel, Beverly Butler, Bill Couch, Erma Clay, Mike Jacques. Jerry McCall, Faun Sprinkel, Carolyn Melia, Delila Whitehead, Bill DeCamp, Keith Larkin
4. Wax Museum Atlas: Bill Ashbaugh;
Wrestler: Frank Walsh;
Mop Woman: Dick LeRoy;
Discus Thrower: Joe Juchemich;
Wrestler: Ray Comella;
Javelin Thrower; Rollie Grina
5. Santa's Work Shop Santa Claus: Bill Romans; M
Mechanical Doll: Ruth Madgen;
Story Book Doll: Pat Hurita;
Cinderella: Gloria Taylor;
Soldiers: Rod Bell, Johnny Clark;
Baby Panda: Bobby Taylor;
Mamma Panda: Helen Emerson;
Frogs: John Hart, Gary Smith;
Monkies: Marylin Renoud, Ronny Renoud;
Future Man: Mike Dougherty,
BoPeep: Kay Masters;
Clowns: Susan Elliston, Jodith Davies, Karen Davidson:
Horse: Maxne Weaver;
Lion: Phyllis Heim;
Cow Boy: Roger Blair;
Cow Girl: Linda LeRoy;
Dutch Girl: Janet Weaver;
Santa's Workers: Sharon Christianson, Sally Ellison, Wes Nilsson, Clifford Bundy, June Biggs;
Gypsy Girl: Dale Cassel
6.The Bowery East Side Kids: Jean and Bill Ashbaugh -
The Bowery Couples: Delores Bass, Dick Mlady, Sally Davidson, Bill Couch, Rae Jean Elliott Joe Juchemich, Donna Evans, Frank Walsh, Nona Farra, Miles Holstock, Betty Fiske, Keith Larkin, Barbara Painter, Everett Ponder, DeLores Pollack, Dick LeRoy, Irene Shelley, Ray Comella, Peggy Shockley, Dick Polivka, Donna Whitehead, Bill Walworth, Darlene Wilson, Faun Sprinkel
Intermission - Don Simmons
7. Winter Wonderland Delores Bass, Sally Davidson, Donna Evans, Nona Farra, BIll Ashbaugh, Bob BeBee, Betty Fiske, Ruth Madgen, Jerry McCall, Carolyn Melia, Mike Jacques, Keith Larkin, Irene Shelley, Peggy Shockley, JoAnn Stepon, Donna Whitehead, Dick Mlady, Dick Polivka;
Two Snow Flakes: Rae Jean Elliott, DeLores Pollack
8. A Little Bit of Erin Jean Ashbaugh, Bill Ashbaugh, Evelyn Aston, Bill Walworth, Bettye Broaddus, Dick Polivka, Bevery Butler, Miles Holdstock, Marion Dewey, Bob Peterson, Penny Hawkins, Dick Mlady;
The Shamrock Twins Ray Comella Frank Walsh
9. Rolling Yardbirds Sergeant: Bill Couch,
Sad Sack: Bob BeBee
Privates: Wayne Clay, Bob Daniel, Bill DeCamp, Miles Holdstock, Mike Jacques, Dick LeRoy, Dick Mlady, Bob Peterson, Dick Polivka, Everett Ponder, Faun Sprinkel, Bill Stevens, Bill Walworth
10. Bunnies on Parade Rae Jean Elliott, Joe Juchamich, DeLores Pollack, Rollie Grina
11. May Time Waltz Dance Couples: Delores Bass, Joe Juchemich, Betty Fiske, Rollie Grina, Jerry McCall, Dick LeRoy, Carolyn Melia, John Dannenman, Peggy Shockley, Ray Comella, Harriet West, Bill Couch
12. A Day at the Beach Evelyn Aston, Miles Holdstock, Erma Clay, Dick Mlady, Sally Davidson, Keith Larkin, Marion Dewey, Bob Peterson, Rae Jean Elliott, Mike Jacques, Donna Evans, Frank Walsh, Nona Farra, Dick Polivka, Barbara Painter, Everett Ponder, Irene Shelley, Faun Sprinkel, JoAnn Stepon, Bob Bebee
Calliope Player: Joyce Youngbluth;
Keystone Antics: Officer: Joe Juchemich
13. Flying High Dick LeRoy;
Assisted by: Bettye Broaddus, Arlene Brown, Betty Fiske, Jerry McCall, Darlene Wilson, Joyce Youngbluth
14. Fiesta Time Dick Mlady, Beverly Butler, Bill Couch, Rae Jean Eilliott, Joe Juchemick, Donna Evans, Frank Walsh, Mike Jacques, Betty Fiske, Rollie Grina, Ruth Madgen, Keith Larkin, Barbara Painter, Everett Ponder, Dick LeRoy, Irene Shelley, Ray Comella, Peggy Shockley, Faun Sprinkel, Delila Whitehead, Miles Holdstock
Senioritta: Evelyn Aston;
Tequilla Dick Polivka, John Dannenman
15. Finale Entire Cast
Master of Ceremonies & Choregraphy Dale Pritchard
Costume Supervision Ruth Bollinger, Jean Pritchard
Costumes Mrs C Brakeman, Wally Dafgord, Florence Diamont, Mrs D DiSciullo, Mrs F Gilliam, Mrs J Juchemich, Alegra LeRoy, Maud Osborne, Mrs B M Pharris, Mrs C Pollack, Dorothy Weber, Vertice Elliott

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