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1947 Arabian Fantasy

Cast Chart below

Show Number
Cast Members / Feature Skater(s)
1. Overature Pete Kraushaar
2. Aladdin, His Lamp, The Genii Announce Arrival of the Sutan Aladdin - Joe Juchemich;
Genii - Harold Starr;
Trumpeter - Don Reed;
Sultan - Dick LeRoy;
Slaves - John Klein, Jack Conklin, Jim Morgan, Bud Bellamy;
Fan Boy - Eddie Grebe;
Vizier - Mr F Schmidt;
Guards - Mr Romans, Charles Doudherty;
Fruit Bearer - Bob Border;
Harem Girls - Nona Farra, Eleanor Wicks, Edna Duaine, Carrie Lovegren, Rae Jean Elliott, Shirley Clements, Erma Grimes, Eilizabeth Hilt
3. Sultan's Harem Jackie Zion, Donna Ruby, Pat Hoskins, Kay Stromeyer, Maryann Conners, Betty Fiske, Irish Fiske, Donna Smith, Peggy Turley, Ruth Romans, Evelyn Aston, Harriett Seal, Esther Wilson, Phyllis Lehmanm Delila Whitehead, Joan Dorr
4. Sultan's Favorite Delores Pollack
5. Beggar Nonsense Beggars - Paul Johnston, Richard Street, Mel Snider, Dick Compton
6. Sultan Takes His Pick Dick LeRoy, Rae Jean Elliott
7. A Mother Goose Tale Don Simmons, Organist
Mother Goose - Priscilla Titus;
Humpty Dumpty - Gary Eberle;
Wooden Doll - Carol Jones;
Cinderella & the Prince - Jean Carver, Kenneth Kraushaar;

Queen and Her Fairies:
Queen, Shirley Young,
Fairies - Linda LeRoy, Ann McDaniels, Carol Emerth, Frances Weinsein, Sherry Weinstein;
Miss Muffet - featuring Donna Whitehead;
Humpty Dumpty Has A Fall - Helped by Entire Cast of Children

School Days
Wilma Sinclair, Barbara Emerth, Kitty Snideman, Patricia Petticord, Marlene Kaufman, Carol Clark, Barbara Eberle, Sonia Landsen, George Wicks, Mike Jaques, Buddy Schenk, Chuck Phillips, Clifford Edwards, John DeSciullo, Walter Wilmarth, Chuck Haubold
8. Forbidden Dance Prince: Bob Anderson; Favorite: Dolores Pollock
9. Two Bolts & a Nut in TrinidadPat Mulcare, Rollie Grina, Bill Couch
10. Oriental Mood Maryann COnners, Wnifred Busby, Betty Fiske, Iris Fiske, Peggy Turlay, Ruth Romans, Harriett Seal, Ester Wilson, Phyllis Lehman, Delila Whitehead, Joan Dorr, Jackie Zion, Donna Ruby, Pat Hoskins, Kay Stromeyer
11. Foreign Diplomat Frankie Walsh
12. Hungarian Fantasy Peggy TUrlay, Larry Kruger
13. Camel Sense Jerry Hitchcock, John Dannenmann;
Trainer - Elsye Mottarella
14. Prince Is Freed Prince: Bob Armstrong
Gypsie Dance Maryann Conners, Winifred Busby, Betty Fiske, Iris Fiske, Donna Smith, Peggy Turley, Ruth ROmans, Harriett Seal, Ester Wilson, Phyllis Lehman, Delila Whitehead, Joan Dorr, Jackie Zion, Donna Ruby, Pat Hoskins, Kay Stromeyer, Edward Miska, Douglas Stone, Bob Wilson, Emerson Carver, Orville Stout, Marion Synder, Bill Kaufman, Everett Wright, John Dannenmann, Jim McDonald, Larry Kruger, George Hilt, Wallace Settle, Bill Couch, Rollie Grina, Bob Anderson,
Tango Time Dale & Jeanne Pritchard
The Aristocrats Happy Collier, Bill Deschner
Brickettes Norman Perry, Dale Pritchard, Bill Hayes, Dick Fowler, Bill Hirte, Knox Meighan, Don Yarbough, Kenneth Kraushaar, Jimmy Lovegren, LeRoy Wagner, Emery Webb
Grand Finale Entire Cast
Presented by Oaks Figure & Oaks Skaters Club
Music by Pete Kraushaar, Don Simmons
Directed by Ed Cheney
Master of Ceremonies Sammy Taylor
Script by Ruth Bollinger
Director of Professional Show Norman Berry
Hand Movements Virginia Fox
Costumes Emily Mays, Mrs Pharris, Charleen Addleman
Wardrobe Alegra LeRoy, Nancy Songer, Mildred Shellenberger
Special Effects Oriental Furnishings by
M E Dinihanian & Sons,
W H Tiffany Wire Works,
Jimmy Kay, Mr J Cook,
Mr F Gilliam, Walker LeRoy,
Bob Wilson

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