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1940 Spring Opening

Show Cast

Friday, March 1, 1940. Following is quoted from the souvenir program available to attendees of this event.

E. H. Bollinger said "With the 1940 Opening, there's Nothing too good for our friends. We are out to please with Latest Features."

The Main Floor - Over half a city block in size, (104 ft x 208 ft), In addition to the main floor there are two beginners' floors and a wave floor.

The Oaks Rink has 29,125 square feet of skating surface.

Over Two Thousand pairs of Chicago and Richardson roller skates equipped with wide and narrow aluminum, fibre, and steel wheels are in The Oaks skateroom. The Oaks has the latest in "easy action" skates.

Private Skates - The Oaks has a private sales room where skaters may purchase Richardson and Chicago skates with choice of shoes in ten distinctive styles.

Oaks Skaters' Club
Founded by the Oaks Rink for the betterment of skating. A skater must be able to circle waltz and have a good character to become a member.

Wednesday, the Club's nite, members have an extra hour of skating. Trips to other rinks, picnics, and participation in floor shows are offered members.

The Oaks Rink

Offers two separate beginners' floors where the novice learns to skate. You will enjoy skating as exhilarating exercise. Moreover it develops poise, health, and beauty.

Free instruction by these competent Instructors: Boyd Stoughton, Doris Rivers, Walt Miller (World's Champion Endurance Roller Skater; set record at Boise, ID, May 3, 1935, skating 147 hours continuously without a single rest period),

The Mammoth Pipe Organ
The Oaks four manual pipe organ is the largest organ in any Western roller rink.

Three musicians are employed daily and a radio program is broadcast over kWJJ each week nite at 10pm and each Sunday afternoon at 12:30p

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