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1939 June Skating Show

Honoring Club's 1st Anniversary

Show Number
Cast Members / Feature Skater(s)
1. Opening Grand March Lu Zelle Whiting, Mary Lou , Jeanne Knowles, Jean Flannery, Joanne Webster, Hilda Hoski, Aggie Johanson, Pauline Janshaw, George Hecox, Doris Bertsch, Margaret Burtis, Martha Dunsmoor, Helen Deveney, Louise Pederson, Adelia Purpur, Vernice Giddings
2. Turkish Delight Bill Taylor, Harold Benson
3. Exhibition Spinning Tom Johnson, Hilde Hoski
4. Midnight in a Madhouse Featuring the graceful Brickettes
Kenny Kraushaar, Art Yerkes, Dale Grimm (Pritchard), Ross Johnson, Frankie Walsh, Bob White, Frank Zimmerman, Jack McKeller
5. Grace on Skates Donna Hassler, Bill Taylor
6. Snake Hips Helen Blodgett and group
7. Street Scene Francis Walsh
8. Military March Oakettes
9. Exhibition Skating Featuring the Sonna Henie of Rollers; Betty Lytel
10. Grand March Entire Company
Master of Ceremonies Art Morey

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