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1939 Fall Opening

Floor Show

Show Number
Cast Members / Feature Skater(s)
1. The Oakettes
2. The Skating 'Tornado' Jimmie Foss
3. Junior Skate Stylist' Lucille Peterson, Shirley Epperson
4. You're in the Army Now Bob Clark, Kenny Kraushaar
5. Fancy Figures Johnny Powell, Dona Hassler
6. Surprises Hank Mayers, Frank Haus, Don Whiteny
7. The Whirling Trio Tom Johnson, Johnny Powell, Wendlen Reiter
8. Jitterbugs Bill Taylor, Harold Benson
9. Josephine
. . . the Rag Doll
Kenny Kraushaar
10. The Oakettes Lucille Whiting, Barbara Smith Helen DeVaney, Shirley Ellis, Dorothy VanDoozer, Jeanne Knowles, Phyllis Blane, Bertie Hartley Martha Dunsmoor, Barbara Schwock, Jeanne Flattery, Ellnora Epperson, Doris Bertsch, Betty Ebby, Gloria Hecox, Paulie Janshaw
11. Indian War Dance Ross Johnson, Dale Grim (Pritchard), Bob White, Frank Zimmerman
Music by Buck Nye, Dick Bauman
Direction by Kenny Kraushaar

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