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Skating Clubs

Oaks' first skating club was established in 1938 as a social Club. Dues were $1 per year. Ability to skate any time was offered for an additional $8 per month.

By 1940, membership in the Oaks Skaters' Club required a skater to be of good character and attained skating skill level to "dance" the Circle Waltz.

Wednesday was club nite and members had an extra hour of skating. Trips to other rinks, picnics, and participation in floor shows were other benefits offered to club members.

Members purchased pins, sweaters, patches and emblems to wear at the regular meetings and club functions.

Spring and Fall Opening shows were held to exposeo the general public to the current skating skills. Of course, the early shows were designed at increasing skater attendance. In later years, shows were a fund raiser to help competitive skaters traveling to meets out of the area. at this time, there shows were a method of could participate in the Spring and Fall shows held to demonstrate skating skills thus enticing more people to take the challenge to improve their skating skills.

Formal skating shows were established in 1939 formal skating shows. The last known formal show was in 1966. Learn more about Oaks Roller Skating Rink Shows

As time passed, interest in "Dance, Figures, Free Skating, Speed and Hockey" increased. In 1946, Dean Songer spearheaded a drive to create The Oaks Figure Skating Club. This club was designed with emphasis on competitive skating.

Bill Brunner was the first President with Evelyn Stratton as Secretary. Practice was on Sunday mornings at 10 am. A ballet instructor and his daughter were made available on Wednesdays between the afternoon and evening sessions.

In addition to competitive skating, there were structured tests in dance, speed, free style and figures. Many State, Regional, and National Champions were members of The Oaks Clubs.

The "Social Club" continued with scheduled functions such as bus trips to skating rinks in the Northwest, skating parties, picnics and just plain fun activities. Bill Romans was the driving factor in the continued popularity of the Oaks Social Club until it was disbanded around 1960.

A Skater's Prayer Please let me remember on the skating floor, that conceit and vanity make me a bore.

Let me consider my fellow man, And, whenever possible, lend a hand.

Let me remember during all skates, that the struggling beginner deserves the breaks.

To break my pattern is better by far, Than another skater's bruises a scars.

Keep me always watchful and alert, So impending accidents I can avert.

Let me always be courteous with a friendly smile. Let me do my part to make skating worthwhile.
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