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Oaks Skating Rink is considered a "Grand Lady" due to her size, rules and dress code. She is the oldest continuously operating roller skating rink in the United States.

Below are pictures of the rink from circa 1905 through 1980 plus a diagram of the interior of the rink.

1905 Session

Richardson clamp on skates awaiting skaters - in front of the counter are seats where "skate boys" would attach/detach skates for the patrons. The skate boys received tips that were placed in a can located on these seats.

Richardson Skates c 1941

Rink c 1937
Interior - 1937 (looking toward organ booth)

In the early 1960's, the dress code was relaxed after repeated requests from skaters. Originally, ladies were to wear skirts no shorter than the knee (one lady was refused entry because her skirt was 1" above the knee). Club members made requests to wear skating skirts and dresses during public sessions. Modified dress code was implemented for the Sunday evening session. he Wednesday evening session following club practice was the next evening with the modified dress code. Eventually, skating skirts and dresses were allowed for all sessions.

Rink c 1980
circa 1980


Rink Diagram

Robert Bollinger
(Mr. B)
is shown posing for publicity pictures.

A sheet of plywood replaced ceiling tile.

His Velvet Tread Detachable skates were bolted to the plywood

Skate Ad 1

Skate Ad 2


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