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Early 1900s


Oaks Resort opened May 30, 1905. On opening day there were rides, roller skating and band concerts,

The D'Urbanos Royal Italians traveled from Italy to play concerts at the Oaks. Louis Ruzzi was the band leader. His instrument was the French horn. He became a member of the Portland Symphony and remained a member for 10 years.

Mr. Lamanonapa (pictured to the right) is another who found a wife and stayed.

Upon opening, most of the amusement rides were not owned by the park. Ride owners rented space in the park. The rent agreement required the park pay a portion of the ride tickets sold to the ride owner.

This method became problematic when these owners would go through the garbage cans retrieving unused tickets patrons had discarded.

In time, EH and Robert Bollinger started purchasing rides with the intent of renting them to the park.

Band member Lamanonapa
and his wife
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