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The Oaks Museum

In the Bollinger House

For Robert's 88th Birthday, the Association granted his wish for a museum. This house was owned by Robert until his passing when ownership passed to Oaks Park Association.

Originally, the Association wanted to call it "The Bollinger Museum"; however, Robert expressed a concern that people would not connect Bollinger to Oaks. He requested the name be 'The Oaks Museum' and that is how it became "The Oaks Museum in The Bollinger House".

This house was built around 1904 and is located at the old entrance to the park, went through several floods (it was raised in 1956) and was the home to several employees through the years. The last resident was Robert.

Linda Gassaway was hired by the Association to help Robert with the museum. It took them almost 2 years to get the displays ready for the public.

At the June 28,1998 ribbon cutting ceremonies, many long time patrons of the park were there. It was a very warm day. The air conditioner couldn't keep up and many of the first visitors had to leave early. During the first year, suggestions for improvements were collected from the visitors. The most common of these were implemented for the following year.

Displays include Park Rides, Bollinger Family History, Natatorium, Trains, Park History, Auditorium / Stage Events, Carousel, Catering, Roller Skate Teaching Staff / Organists / Old Timers, Skating Shows, Employees, Skating Competition, Mr. Bollinger's accomplishments in several associations, Roller Skating related Clubs (Social, Artistic, Hockey, Speed, etc.), Floods and Windstorms, Midway, and Rink Stickers (sorted by State).










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