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The Hippodrome Elephants played the Oaks August 14 and 15, 1926. Upon their arrival, E.H, expressed a concern over the weight the stage could support so ordered reinforcement work be done. The Elephant trainer insisted the work be delayed until he could bring the big bull to test the stage. Further comments revealed an elephant has the ability to judge if its weight can be supported by gently placing one foot on the area. In this case, the elephant rested his foot on the stage then continued to walk upon it.

The Hippodrome Elephants, a traveling circus act the Bee called "the cleverest four-footed pachyderms in circustom today." spent the weekend of August 14 and 15, 1926, performing at Oaks Park.

Major, the largest of the three performing elephants, was 25 years old and weighed over 7,000 pounds.

According to the Bee, Major was the only elephant on record who could raise himself on his hind legs with his trainer perched on his tusks.

More than this, reported the Bee, he does a Charleston with the grace of a human ballet dancer.

The two smaller elephants, Tessie and Anne May, were equally special. They could pick out the American flag from a dozen others of various hues. They glorify the old-time dances in whirls and gyrations which make grandfathers feel like the old days of '63 were back again. They pose with the dignity of a diplomat and squeal to the delight of all.

August 14, 1986
"Looking Back to 1926"
article by The Bee.

One weekend in the 1970's, an elephant was skating down the midway.

An Oaks employee was hurrying to work when she came face to face with the elephant.

Unable to believe it, she ran to her car for a camera.

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