Menagerie Carousel

Spillman Engineering built five of these Menagerie Carousels. The Oaks was the only one operating in its original installation site.

Also known as These were also called "Noah's Ark" as they had pairs of animals. This machine was delivered and installed at The Oaks in 1924 as a new machine.

In that era, animals were carved then set on selves for future orders thus "new" animals could be 5 years older than the machine they were mounted on.

This machine has 2 rows of jumping and one row of  stationary animals mounted on a 2-tier platform. It called a menagerie carousel but is often referred to as a Noah's Ark because there are two of each animal.  An exception is the frog, there are four of those. The animals include: horses, roosters, frogs, pigs, dogs, cats, kangaroos, dragons, goats, giraffes, storks as well as chariots with small horses mounted in front of them.

The kangaroo, one of the rarest animals that Herschell-Spillman carved. It is the only part of The Oaks that was on the historic registry. Another uncommon animal is the sea dragon.

Originally, this machine had a “brass ring”. If you grab the “winning brass ring” you got a free ride. Non-winning “brass rings” were thrown at a target. Due to increasing abuse by some of the patrons, the “brass ring” was removed. The horses had real horse hair tails; however, children loved to touch and pull them. Restoring the tails became too expensive so wooden replacements were carved.

Around 1960, one horse was loaned to the Post Office for a display. An unknown person took this horse before it could be re-installed on the machine. Below is a picture of the mate to that horse.



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