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Chute The Chutes

A popular ride in the early 1900's. Of course, The Oaks opened with one. Robert was going down in the pond for the 3rd time when the Midway Boss caught him by the neck of his shirt with a pole equipped with a hook.

In May 1920, the Chutes burned.  Previously, a windstorm that blown the top of the structure off. It was not replaced yet none of the riders seemed to mind.

Chutes Full 1
The Chutes was located at the South entrance of the park

The pitch at the bottom of the slide gives a bit of a lift to the bow of the boat thus launching it onto the water rather than take a nose dive under it.  One time experiments were being done to have a bit more of a "thrill" just before the boat entered the water. It was a bit too much.  The boat raised up then landed flat on the water so hard it broke the bottom out of it.

Chutes Full 1
Chutes with pond after windstorm
blew the top off
Chute 2
View from the top - circa 1905
auto garage on right

Auto garage by Chutes pond 1
Auto garage at South entrance
next to Chutes pond
Chute Ticket Booth
Chutes Ticket Booth
Auto park next to Chutes pond 2
Auto garage at South entrance next to the Chutes pond

Chutes Boat

Chute Pond 1

Chutes 1905

Chutes 2

Tug of War
Tug of War across the pond

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