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Track Style Carousel c 1905


Horses are mounted in pairs. While the machine is turning, they gently rock back and forth.

Real horse hair tails have been preserved.

Just over the flank a flat surface is seen. In days of old, wooden kitchen chairs were placed there to accommodate more riders.

Some of the original scenes are still visible (1999)

The electric motor that was used to drive the machine was replaced with this tractor motor (1999).

The cable that drives the machine is shown. It is located below the horizontal slotted boards beneath the horses.

Ticket booth from 1905 purchased
with this machine

Building where the carousel is
assembled each year.

The Oaks opened in 1905 with this Herschel-Spillman 2 abreast platform, track style ride.

There are 24 rocking animals with 4 chariots and a band organ. Its platform was rotated on 18 inch wheels that were electrically driven. At the end of the 1923 season, a new circa 1924 Noah's Ark was installed at Oaks.

In 1928, this c 1905 machine was sold to a group from the Bickleton-Cleveland group from Bickleton, Washington.

It operates one day per year at the Pioneer Picnic and Rodeo (started circa 1912); located in the park at Cleveland, the former site of the town of Bickleton.

Prior to purchasing this machine, a carousel from the Yakima area was rented for this event.

The Bickleon-Cleveland group have taken excellant care of this ride. Horse tails are still made from real horse hair.

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