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NW Chicago Skate Agency

The agency was located in Oaks Park on the Willamette River bank across the parking lot from the Oaks Skating Rink. Started busness 1943

Being a rink owner, Robert was low-key about ownership of this wholesale skate supply company. Many felt his manager, Bill Fehr, was the owner.

By financial statements, Northwest Chicago Skate Agency and the park "fountains" (outside food stands), were operated as one entity. It was the only entity Ruth Bollinger was listed as an owner.

In 1963, the National Skating Championship was held in Portland, OR. When Robert heard several skaters were unable to compete because their skating equipment and costumes had been stolen, he arranged for replacements. Each effected skater was met at The Oaks where they were fitted for new skating equipment. Costumes were provided by the group of dedicated volunteers who made costumes for the Oaks skating shows.

Right are 6 of the sewing volunteers. Ruth Bollinger is facing the camera.

Ad circa 1950
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