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RSROA Life Membership

Whereas, our friend and fellow member . . .1
an outstanding member of this Association for twenty-nine years and who has served faithfully and well as a member of our Board of Directors and as a member of many committees, often as the Chairman,

Whereas, our friend ROBERT BOLLINGER being highly respected by all and dearly loved by his fellow members, remembering his consideration and his industriousness in their behalf . . .
. . . be it so . . .

Resolved, by the Board of Control of the ROLLER SKATING RINK OPERATORS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA in session at the City of Lincoln, in the State of Nebraska, has unanimously voted to honor our friend, therefore . . . so be it proclaimed . . . that our dear fellow member . . .

ROBERT BOLLINGER be tendered henceforth Life Membership
in this Association, with all attendant and FULL RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES incidental to such membership, so long as he shall live and the Secretary-Treasurer be ordered to enter this Resolution upon Records and to present our beloved Life Member with a Certificate of Credentials.

Members of the Board of Control
Bert Anselmi, James Wells, Lenard Pemberton, Roy Parker (President), George Van Roekel, Roger Adams, James Wall, Charles E. Cahill (Secretary-Treasurer), Frank Cahill, Albert Couey

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