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Bob Bollinger
Lifetime Achievement Award


At the May 2004 convention, the RSA renamed their "Lifetime Achievement Award" to the "Bob Bollinger Lifetime Achievement Award" to honor Robert Bollinger for a lifetime commitment to the RSA and roller skating.

Mr. Bollinger owned and operated the Oaks Skating Rink located in Oaks Amusement Park, Portland, OR. He was raised in the park where his father had been working for about 5 years. The Oaks Rink is the oldest continuously operating rink in the USA. 1

Robert served the RSA as President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. In addition, he is one of the founders and supporters of the National Museum of Roller Skating. He is known as one of RSA's greatest gentleman and one of the guiding leaders of their association.

Currently, Mr. Bollinger at the age of 90 plus attends the RSA convention each year with his wife visiting and enjoying his many roller skating friends. The RSA is proud to honor Bob Bollinger.

Edmund Young has the distinction of not only being the first recipient of this award but the only one to have it presented by Robert. Mr. Young, a long time friend of Robert's, also owned a roller skating rink located in an amusement park.


These awards, Robert's personal roller skates, membership pins and RSROA sport jackets are on loan to the National Museum of Roller Skating

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