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First Board Members of the
National Museum of
Roller Skating


On October 27, the National Museum of Roller Skating reached a major milestone. Twenty-five years ago, the Roller Skating Rink Operators Association organized a committee to investigate the possibility of starting a museum for the sport of Roller Skating. The committee met on March 18, 1980 at the Hilton Hotel in New York City.

The purpose of the museum was determined by the founders to be "to preserve the history of roller skating for the educational and enjoyment of skaters, rink operators, teachers and industry members. The museum will become the complete and accurate source of roller skating information for researchers, writers, publishers and all those with an interest in the sport."

The first board members (pictured above) were Bert Anselmi, Richard Young, George Pickard (left), Chester Fried (far right), Robert Bollinger (3rd from the right), Marvin Facher and James Turner (not listed in order shown).

Written by: Amanda Ray
Published by: USARS Roller Sports
Printed: Winter 2006
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