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Big Eli News - Park Department


September 1927

The young man whose picture appears to the left is Robert Bollinger, son of E. H. Bollinger, manager of Oaks Park, Portland, OR. Robert is 17 years of age and graduated from high school last year in Portland, Oregon. He is also the owner of several big Park Amusement devices, among which is a new, 1927 Model No. 12, Big Eli Wheel. Among his other equipment is the Oaks Park Belt Line, a miniature railway system of which this picture is a partial view. It consists of two engines, both driven by gasoline motors, one is a steam type and the other electric type, with 2,000 feet of track, a bridge and tunnel. There are six steel cars, making two trains, of three cars each.

Robert also owns a 10 Passenger Pinto Aeroplane Swing and other park concessions.

His new, No. 12 Wheel is shown on the front cover of this issue of the News. It was shipped April 16th and reached Portland, April 27th. In a recent letter Robert states they had the Big Eli Wheel up in a few days before the opening on May 14th, and everything worked perfectly. The Wheel is in the best location in the park, opposite the new Jazz Railway. Mr. Ray Bert, a competent Operator is in charge.

Oaks Park is the most popular Amusement Resort in Portland and ranks among the best on the Pacific Coast. It is 14 minutes by street-car from the business section with a paved highway near at hand. Among the many features, the comfort and pleasing of the people are given first consideration. Band concerts are held in the afternoon and evening; with vaudeville and Grand and Comic Opera as other attractions. The variety of amusements offered is extensive enough to please the most exacting patrons.

Robert Bollinger is a real, live, young businessman; as will be seen from the extent of his Amusement Equipment. Our dealings with him have been nothing but pleasant. He is an inseparable pal with his father and we are glad to welcome him into the Big Eli Family.

Oaks Park is one of the many up-to-date Amusement Locations that has taken advantage of the No. 12 Big Eli Wheel as a Popular Ride and a Money Maker. In any location there is a class of people who demand a Ferris Wheel, and nowhere is that demand so small that operation of a Big Eli Wheel is no profitable. People all have their favorite rides, just the same as they have their favorite flowers and colors; and it is very gratifying to see how the Big Eli Wheel appeals to all classes of patrons as their favorite.

February 1928

Ladies and Gentlemen, Readers of BIG ELI NEWS, it gives the Editor a tingle of pleasure to introduce you to Mr. Robert Bollinger of Oaks Park, Portland, Oregon. Robert's portrait appears on the front-cover of this issue of BIG ELI NEWS; and he has the unique distinction of being one of the younger members of the BIG ELI Family Fraternity.

Robert is eighteen years of age, just a plain "boy" well liked by his associates and, in addition to that, is also a real, live young business man. This year he graduated from High School in Portland, Oregon, but his studies previous did not keep him from becoming the owner of several Big Park Amusement Devices.

Among his latest purchases is a No. 12 BIG ELI WHEEL, installed early during the 1927 Park Season, a photograph of which appears on this page. In addition to the wheel, Robert also owns a Miniature Railway with 2,000 feet of track two engines, six cars with a bridge and tunnel.

In a recent letter Robert states that extensive improvements are being carried out at Oaks Park chief of which is the filling in of the board-walk with fine gravel and also the addition of more space for parking automobiles.
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